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My Handwritten Blog Post

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Go LexicalJen!A New York Times article, “What’s Lost As Handwriting Fades,” has been making the rounds in a few of my circles. While the article points to the link between writing by hand and things like improved reading ability, better retention, and easier time spelling, what caught me was a simple phrase, “…they also remain better able to generate ideas… .”

Generate ideas?  Well, I’ve been feeling a bit stagnate in my writing, so I thought I’d write by hand and see what came out. I found something that wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the article. The doodle. So now I present to you, My hand-written blog post:

My Hand-Written Blog Post

Here’s my challenge to my readers:
Let’s see your handwritten post/status/tweet – do you doodle? If you write a post and then rewrite for spelling and other mistakes, your doodles won’t transfer, so let’s see the whole mess. Or am I the only person who doodles when writing something by hand?

#HandWrittenPost <–use that if you take my challenge!

Lexical Jen

Author: Lexical Jen

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One thought on “My Handwritten Blog Post

  1. What a cool idea. I don’t think I’ve doodled since I was a kid, but now I kind of want to try — and see if it boosts my creativity when I’m stuck. Thanks for sharing!

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